Marketing Strategy

Business Analysis

  • Capturing product/service value prop
  • Analyzing fulfillment process for customer deliverables
  • Carrying out market research and competitive analysis
  • Understanding current challenges and business goals


  • Defining and running a go-to-market plan with targeted focus areas
  • Integration of different marketing channels
  • Content strategy development that anchors brand development, leads generation, prospects engagement, and customer communication & experience
  • Designing an integrated system to benchmark the key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Client communication

Content Strategy

Holistic approach to encapsulate business objectives

  • Inbound marketing and leads generation
  • Outbound marketing and customer communication
  • Integration of different marketing channels
  • Sales support
  • Customer service/experience

Content Development

  • Web and media content
  • Optimization using behavioral analysis, qualitative testing
  • Projects case studies, customer success stories, white papers, blog posts
  • Products support information, product catalogs (digital and print)
  • Continuing education seminars and webinars, lunch-and-learn presentations
  • Sales presentations, training
  • Email marketing, social media, videos, advertising campaigns

Digital Marketing

  • Advertising campaigns – search engines, social media, programmatic
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics integration – segmentation and custom dashboards, behavioral analysis, qualitative testing
  • Account based marketing (ABM), performance marketing
  • Customer experience initiatives
  • Integration of offline and online marketing channels
  • Re-marketing


Social media strategy

  • Research, competitive analysis, ¬†and social listening
  • Content development
  • -Automation and scheduling
  • Analytics – visual dashboards, business insights, and data integration

Product Marketing/Management

  • Wireless, SaaS, web technology products
  • Product roadmap definition, requirements
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Pre-sales support
  • Market research, competitive analysis
  • Customer case studies development
  • Training: product value prop articulation, white papers, sales training presentations, webinars, trade shows, and workshops

Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Integration of data from advertising and media campaigns, web analytics, sales support, and customer service for end-to-end visibility
  • Visual dashboards using Tableau, Power BI, and Excel
  • Statistical analysis