I am a consultant, a marketer, a customer enabler, and an engineer. I believe in the power of creativity to solve business problems.

I have a track record of achieving target revenues, market share, and brand credibility goals for my clients, tapping into my following experience:

  • Digital transformation strategy that integrates customer value chain, discovers new opportunities, and optimizes business operations.
  • Content development that engages prospects, penetrates target market segments, generates leads, support sales, serves customers, and drives advertising campaigns.
  • Designing a system to measure and learn combining MarTech, AdTech, data analytics, and business intelligence (BI) tools.


Outlets that spring joy for me:

  • Youth coaching: The process of cultivating confidence and empathy in teenagers using a workshop-type structure for public speaking and communication rejuvenates me.
  • Writing: It helps me distill my thoughts and engage with my family, friends, and colleagues in a meaningful way.
  • Mindfulness meditations: Cultivating awareness and presence in moments without judgment helps me clarify my mind, elevate my vantage point to find answers to problems, and connect with my inner voice.
  • Data visualization & presentation: I enjoy developing narratives by interpreting data and presenting insights using visual storyboarding.

I love running: I am proud of a couple of marathons that I have run. My time on roller skates lightens me up. I grew up in India. I love coffee.