I anchor marketing strategy to achieve revenue growth targets and cultivate brand credibility. I enjoy setting up systems to measure and learn. The creativity of crafting and presenting narratives put me in my element. I am passionate about developing content that connects. I love building teams and cultivating talent. Coaching and training others rejuvenate me.

I have a proven track record for driving initiatives, as required, working closely with the finance, product strategy, media, customer experience, sales, and marketing operations teams.




Analytics – business intelligence: Test-and-learn frameworks, data modeling & integration, data analysis, storyboarding business insights to refine marketing and customer experience strategy

Client relationships: Partnership in developing and executing strategic initiatives, training presentations, product integrations, and project management

Product Marketing, Product Management: Market analysis, developing product positioning & value prop, defining roadmap & requirements, sales training, creating case studies & ad content.

MarTech, AdTech strategy: Plan media to maximize strategic and tactical objectives – combine programmatic, omnichannel next-based-action, search, social, addressable TV, and email marketing channels

Outlets that spring joy for me:

  • Writing: It helps me distill my thoughts and engage meaningfully with my family, friends, colleagues, and customers.
  • Mindfulness meditations: They help me clarify my mind and nurture my creativity.
  • Youth coaching: I enjoy working with teenagers and helping them cultivate communication and leadership skills.

I love running and am proud of a couple of marathons I have run. My time on roller skates lightens me up. I grew up in India and love coffee.