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Flow – Part I of II
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Don’t we all want to get in that zone where right ideas are spring up and teamwork of all around us is helping with creating something that is deeply rewarding and meaningful? What would help me get in that flow of creativity? A number of things come to me while thinking about it. When the in

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Connecting Credibly – Part II of II
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Yesterday’s workshop was fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here are my nuggets from it. Stories are powerful. Stories help people feel it. Your audience gets something to relate to. Stories don’t have to be really long either. Key is to tie in the point you are trying to make. Also, tell your stori

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Home … I think we all leave home – it could be 24 hours away, or 2 hours away, 20 minutes away, or sometimes only a few seconds away … We embark on that journey of pursuing dreams, a journey of making things happen, a journey of finding our own identity, a journey of carving out a niche for ou

Connecting Credibly – Part I of II
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Every presentation has a purpose – you would like your audience to do something about it. It could be - Understand your view point, or Understand the problem at hand, or Adopt your solution or an answer,  or Think about a situation or person or a problem in a different way, or Take your call to

SMILES with the Smile Cards
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[Note: I originally wrote this on ServiceSpace feed.]   The idea of using Smile Cards sounded really good the moment I heard of it. It sounded fun. It took me a while before I actually used a Smile Card, or as the card says, I tagged someone. I decided to tag someone first time while walking

A Ripple on Parenting
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I had read a very nice thought about children and parenting them in Scott Peck’s book, Road Less Traveled – children are worthy of living their own life, of facing their own challenges and situations and finding meaning of their own life through all of that. Welcome their arrival in this world,

Feel It
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When you feel it in the heart, it shows. It connects.Emotional Connection – charge from inside. I was once talking to a group of teenagers about facing their fear of speaking in front of people. I brought up a story from my own teenage years – when I was once paralyzed by fear of speaking in

Genius of Excellence
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Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” I am always intrigued by stories and ideas from people that are genuinely good in what they do. They juice me up. In this article, I am sharing what I have learned from a number of examples, books and own personal expe

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