Positive Vibrations – Smile

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Be a source of positive vibrations. Tune into and resonate with positive vibrations around you. Smile!

You are perfect right now. This moment is perfect. There is no need to hold out for anything. Breathe joy into your thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sensations, pain, etc.

Surrender to this moment, ask for answers. Be a beginner, embracing its lightness, openness, childlike curiosity, humility, and fun.

Smile - this moment is perfect

Touch it, Smile at it

Allowing and accepting the current moment can or may bring to the surface vulnerability of loneliness, sorrow, uncertainty, and the shakiness of fear; let it be. Touch and feel it, smile at it.

Be a witness to your body, mind, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. You are the one that observes them all. Let your smile permeate the space and emerge through them all, unblocking your innate intelligence and tremendous healing power.

Your inner critique can be a product of your past experiences, memories, actions, and energy field or karma. It is part of your thinking and ego. Observe, love, and smile at it all. Don’t be hard on yourself. Love yourself. With each breath, let the spacious, smiley from the blue sky relax your brain, forehead, chicks, tongue, throat, and heart. Draw on your happy memories and experiences. Love your family and friends. Have compassion for all living beings.

Your true core inside is abundant beyond reckoning; let that spread love, healing, warmth, joy, happiness, and smiles to all. You are the vast, open space with stillness, universal intelligence, boundless abundance, and smiley awareness. You are vibrations that connect with the vibrations of other living beings and things.

Let your smile permeate and emerge through pain, emotions, feelings, thoughts

Positive Vibrations

Trust your instincts. Tune in, listen to voice from inside, follow through on it. Have faith (shraddha.)

Be grateful for what you have.

Focus on positives. Conserve, preserve, nurture, groom, and maximize your energies, thoughts, and capabilities.

Surrender to something larger than yourself. Surrender to this present moment; allow it, accept it.

Create, tune into, resonate with positive vibrations. Your external world is a reflection of your inner state of mind.


Khalil Gibran: And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.


Pablo Neruda: You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.


Positive Affirmations - Vibrations for Lighter, Softer Footprints

Magic of Affirmations

While listening to Creative Visualizations from Shakti Gawain, I stumbled into affirmations. While we might take so many things in life for granted, it felt good listening to these affirmations and saying them out loud.

I am copying the affirmations from the audio program, as I captured them:

  • I am a radiant being filled with light and love.
  • I am naturally healthy, energetic, and filled with vitality.
  • Every day I am learning to love and appreciate myself more and more.
  • I love all of myself, including my body, my mind, and all of my feelings.
  • The more I love and appreciate myself, the more love I have to give to others.
  • I now give and receive love fully and freely.
  • I am now attracting and creating loving, satisfying relationships in my life.
  • I now am doing work I love, and I am richly rewarded.
  • This is a rich universe, and there is plenty for all of us.
  • Abundance is my natural state of being. I accept it now.
  • Everything I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly.
  • The creative power within me is producing perfect results in every phase of my life now.
  • I am expressing myself creatively and successfully.
  • I am now attuned to my higher purpose, and my life is unfolding exactly as it needs to.
  • I am experiencing miracles in my life here and now.


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    Love your article Bhai!
    “Breathe joy” … ❤️🙌
    As you always say, “Shraddha bahu moti vastu che “

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