I am an engineer.

While growing up and going through engineering school, understanding how things worked always intrigued me.

I got the first real taste of applying my knowledge of trigonometry and integrated embedded systems when I got the opportunity for an internship – my job was to program servo motor motion controllers for coordinated grinding of silicon wafers.

My first job at Rockwell Semiconductor Systems was developing a wireless telephone chipset – dedicated hardware, RF, digital signal processing, and signaling protocol stack software. It was quite an experience absorbing and developing engineering ideas. It also evolved into a couple of exciting opportunities for me.

One: Teamwork, Active Collaboration – it was such a complex system put together by engineering teams focusing on different functional areas. When supporting the first customer’s manufacturing operation, integrating it all on an end product was quite fascinating and enlightening.

Two: Experience working with teams spread worldwide – testing in Europe while training lead-customer project group with Samsung product team based out of South Korea.

Both of these exposed me to the softer side of technology – working as a team, collaborating while putting a sophisticated technology solution together, packaging technology in a product that is easy to use. It was almost as if the target was to make it look and feel so comfortable; end-users could almost forget about the technology that makes it all possible.

I liked working at a level where I can feel the end customer’s impact; I see it from the customer’s perspective. I gravitated to more systems engineering, customer engineering work.

Customer support, interfacing excites me.

I got the opportunity to develop the product roadmaps, to develop and articulate the product value proposition.

I see technology ingrained deeper and deeper in every aspect of a business – operations, customer support, sales operations, and marketing. I am excited about the digital transformation potential that opens up new frontiers of innovation and opportunities to improve quality of life. The capabilities to collect, save, and manage data are growing astronomically. Cloud computing can empower individuals and businesses (big and small) with virtually unlimited possibilities to make a difference. The expansive and yet easy access to the technology can democratize the data in its true sense.

Technology creates opportunities to solve problems – break through barriers to expand and grow. It’s an on-going journey and debate for me about how technology can/should sustainably simplify life.

What are your thoughts?