My Three Incentives for Goals

I read Steven Lewitt’s Freakonomics about five years ago. It is fun. It’s easy read with a lot of examples and insights that we can use in any personal, social or business situation. One nugget that I have kept from the book is that the incentives are extremely important while trying to understa

Decisions – do I use intuition or logic?

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When it comes down to making decisions – do I use logic, or emotions, or intuition, or all of them? This is for any situation with my career, my business, my customers, my family, or any other social engagement. I debate this question all the time. I am bringing some of my thoughts and ideas here.

Leadership – Do you have, or do you do?

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Don’t we step into a leadership role any time we work as part of a team? I have involved with so many projects, and each of them required coordination among team members. You represent your organization in front of a customer, and you need leadership. When you explain your prospects how your produ

My Lessons for Business Presentations

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The presentations are absolutely critical in the marketing and sales strategies of any company. They happen everywhere – in one-on-one sales situations, workshops or seminars, demonstrations, launching of new products, trade shows, or the internet webinars. They’re highly personal, t

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