I am Quiet

I am quiet – I have been that way all my life. What does it mean for my communication? In this blog post, I am sharing my journey with communication and the role of emotional development along the way. I am sharing my experiences, my perspective, and a book that has made a strong impression on me.

Let It Be

I got a chance to watch a three-part video series from Eckhart Tolle – the title for the video series was Conscious Manifestation. I captured an insight, an approach to stretch my comfort zone. It could be about breaking through a mental barrier such as trying something new, or dealing with a stre

The Prayer From My Body

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I heard the following prayer today. It is as if my body is telling this to me using sensations, pains, aches, vibrations, and other symptoms – The Prayer From My Body. :)   Listen to me. I am your friend. I am the pain in your head, the knot in your stomach, the unspoken grief in your smi

Create a Beautiful Universe

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I had it on my list of resolutions for this year to meditate. Growing up in India, the seeds are there all along, of course. However, they had first been nurtured when I read Dr. Andrew Weil’s Spontaneous Healing almost 20 years ago. As I started meditating a little bit this year, the ideas from

I Enjoy the Music

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Dear family, friends: While staying home and social distancing to do our bit to deal with the pandemic, I read a few insightful articles on social solidarity to be there for each other in a supportive way. I read a few good ideas and saw some videos about having a sense of gratitude for the many po

Let my Droplets Drip :)

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Biren forwarded to me an email about the Building Bridges workshop from Atmarpit Smrutiji, a disciple of Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri. I was intrigued by the introduction: “Relationships form an integral part of your life. In this workshop, you will gain mastery in inner architecture, aim

Connecting Credibly – Part II of II

Yesterday’s workshop was fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here are my nuggets from it. Stories are powerful. They give you something to feel and experience. Stories don’t have to stretch too long, either. The key is to tie in the point you are trying to make. Also, tell your stories, and let them


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I think we all leave home – it could be 24 hours away, or 2 hours away, 20 minutes away, or sometimes only a few seconds away … We embark on that journey of pursuing dreams, a journey of making … Read More

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