Coming to My Senses

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Am I feeling frustrated or mentally exhausted? Am I angry or upset? Is the storm of worries, anxiety, or anticipation of something, or reliving an experience or memory from the past gathering and getting bigger? Do I feel tangled in … Read More

The Magic of the Kaleidoscope

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The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument we learned and made in science class in elementary school to see incredibly vibrant, colorful images. The kaleidoscope is also our real-life with its evolving patterns of colors, stories, dreams, goals, challenges, agonies, and … Read More

Positive Vibrations – Smile

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I am a source of positive vibrations. I tune into and resonate with positive vibrations around me. 😀 I am perfect right now. This moment is perfect. There is no need to hold out for anything. I breathe joy into my thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sensations, and pain. I surrender to this moment

Lighter, Softer Footprints

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I would love my thoughts, feelings, and conversations with others to come and go as if they are ripples on a surface of a serene lake. They start, reach out, hopefully, resonate with myself or others, and disappear without a trace. The vast lake of my spacious inner awareness would remain still and

I am Quiet

I am quiet. I have been that way all my life. What does it mean for my communication? In this blog post, I am sharing my journey with communication and the role of emotional development along the way. I am sharing my experiences, perspective, and a book that has made a strong impression. I am an en

I am a Witness

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I captured an insight the first time I read Dr. Joan Borysenko’s Minding Your Body, Mending Your Mind – put yourself in the position of a witness, progressively observing and relaxing different parts of my body. It has a healing, soothing effect, calming my mind. I learned more about this fr

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