Lighter, Softer Footprints

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I would love my thoughts, feelings, and conversations with others to come and go as if they are ripples on a surface of a serene lake. They start, reach out, hopefully, resonate with myself or others, and disappear without a trace. The vast lake of my spacious inner awareness would remain still and

I am Quiet

I am quiet. I have been that way all my life. What does it mean for my communication? In this blog post, I am sharing my journey with communication and the role of emotional development along the way. I am sharing my experiences, perspective, and a book that have made a strong impression on me. I a

I am a Witness

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I captured an insight the first time I read Dr. Joan Borysenko’s Minding Your Body, Mending Your Mind – put yourself in the position of a witness, progressively observing and relaxing different parts of my body. It has a healing, soothing effect, calming my mind. I learned more about this fr

The Light of the Universe

I had the opportunity to listen to a mini video series from Eckhart Tolle, Awaken Your Inner Light. I wrote this, stringing together nuggets, and my thoughts from it. The universe is one connected conscience. I am part of it. When I resonate with that collective consciousness, I am the light of the

My Brain is Plastic!

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A few years ago, I picked up a very insightful book on neuroplasticity. What did I learn? What are my thoughts on this topic? I will start with my experience of learning harmonium in my early twenties. My Baby Steps with Harmonium We have a portable harmonium about 2.5′ x 1′ x 1′

What Makes Me Coach Youth?

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What makes me coach youth? What is my experience with it? What gives me the drive for that? I wrote about it on my ServiceSpace feed (click here, it opens in a new tab/window).   On a related note, I have distilled my thoughts on how the experience of being a quiet person connects with youth

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