Flow – Part I of II

Don’t we all want to get in that zone where right ideas are spring up and teamwork of all around us is helping with creating something that is deeply rewarding and meaningful? What would help me get in that flow of creativity? A number of things come to me while thinking about it. When the in

Connecting Credibly – Part II of II

Yesterday’s workshop was fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here are my nuggets from it. Stories are powerful. Stories help people feel it. Your audience gets something to relate to. Stories don’t have to be really long either. Key is to tie in the point you are trying to make. Also, tell your stori

My Three Incentives for Goals

I read Steven Lewitt’s Freakonomics about five years ago. It is fun. It’s easy read with a lot of examples and insights that we can use in any personal, social or business situation. One nugget that I have kept from the book is that the incentives are extremely important while trying to understa

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