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I grew up in India. When I was about 17-18 years old, I started reading Reader’s Digest magazines. The range of articles, and book sections (they used to have one in every monthly edition of the Reader’s Digest magazine) connected me to the emotional side of people. Book sections on the maga

Being in Moment

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It was about five years into my career. I was struggling to keep my sanity while learning how to handle tight deadlines and balance it all. Stress, infections became a little too regular. I stumbled in to an interview of Dr. Andrew Weil, and after that bought one of his books – Spontaneous Healing

SMILES with the Smile Cards

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[Note: I originally wrote this on ServiceSpace feed.]   The idea of using Smile Cards sounded really good the moment I heard of it. It sounded fun. It took me a while before I actually used a Smile Card, or as the card says, I tagged someone. I decided to tag someone first time while walking

A Ripple on Parenting

I had read a very nice thought about children and parenting them in Scott Peck’s book, Road Less Traveled – children are worthy of living their own life, of facing their own challenges and situations and finding meaning of their own life through all of that. Welcome their arrival in this world,